HP 1195 Plain and Simple Scooter Jacket and Car Coat




“Plain and Simple”…when the fabric needs to speak for itself.

The pattern, that is…


What can I say?  I’m a sucker for beautiful home dec fabrics.  Don’t we all need to have a car coat of couch fabric in our closets???


There are some nice details with this pattern:


I’ve never done a pocket this way before, it’s a single welt all-in-one pocket, great for using when you have bulky fabrics.


This fabric was just as pretty on the inside, so I just serged all seams and kept it unlined.


I used large snaps for the closures; there are simple facings and no collar.



I cut a straight size 12, and the fit seems to be very roomy.  I think I would try the smaller size next time.

If you don’t want to try the pocket detail, I think side seam pockets would be just as pretty.

This is a great pattern to use when you want to showcase a great fabric!


HP 1211 Weekender Swingy Sweatshirt & Sweaterdress


I saw the cover of this pattern, and it was love at first sight!




I made this as a test muslin to check fit. I used Ponte knit from my stash.  This is a size 12 with no adjustments.


I really like the style and fit!  One small adjustment for the next time is to lower the bust dart about 1.5 inches.  I like the neckline, which is not only pretty, but bra-strap friendly.


This Silly picture is meant to show the front pocket and bust dart detail.  When sewn as instructed, the finished pockets are on the small side.

If you want a more functional pocket, i.e., warming hands or holding items, I would suggest drafting a single “kangaroo pouch” pocket.


There are some really cute options with this pattern, you can make it into a dress, change up the neckline, and add big sleeve cuffs.  Choose a great sweatshirt fleece or a fun double-knit!

Vogue 1528


Vogue 1528





Well, this is the final garment of 2016.

A loose-fitting vest is really all this is, but boy oh boy, do I love it!!  The shaping is tapered in at the bottom for a cocoon effect and there are no side seams. 



Love this big welt pocket.


I finished the back seam with a Hong Kong finish.  Great instructions included for clean-finishing your facings.


Pattern included for hem facing as well. 

This is a simple pattern, choose a lovely fabric (this is a wool suiting from my stash) with nice drape.  The facing fabric here is Bemberg lining, but you can eliminate it altogether if you wish.

A great layering piece, dress is up or down!

Stay warm everyone!

Bayfront Cap


Time for some handmade gifts!  The pattern is called Bayfront Cap by Melinda VerMeer Designs.

Great pattern!  I pulled some Tosh Merino Light from my stash.  I may go down a needle size with the next one.  Are you on Ravelry?  Find me if so, I’m Sewellen there also.

  More soon!

Vogue 9212

Vogue 9212






How fun is this coat?  I grabbed some home dec fabric off the sale table at Joanne and used some lining from my stash.


Here it is turned inside out, you can see that the facing is another full front.


Simple snaps for the closure (I made covered snaps).

This coat really is easy to make with no fancy details;  I really tried to overthink it though, adding shoulder pads which I removed, inserting sleeve heads which I removed.  I did leave a back stay, but that’s the only deviation from the pattern instructions.  There is that corner you have to turn at the collar, but that’s the only tricky bit.  I made a size 12 with a forward shoulder adjustment, a la Palmer Pletsch (my go-to resource is the book “Fit for Real People”).  This seems to help with my shoulder fitting issues.  It’s not perfect yet, but we’re getting there. 


This is an interesting coat, with the sort of cut away front.  It has a bit of a historical vibe like this one.  At least, that’s what I was thinking when I was sewing this up

Image result for 18th Century Coats

18 century coat



I recommend this pattern, it’s not too terribly hard.  I’ll have a picture with it on me at some point.  I love how the jacket is styled on the Vogue website: worn with leggings and boots.  Perfect!


What does one post about after such a long absence???  How about I just jump right into the current project?  After all, it’s really been about that long since I’ve sewn anything so….


Do I even remember how to sew? 

What’s my WordPress password???

I picked up Vogue 9212.  I’ve gotten a decent fitting muslin, and have spent today cutting:



hopefully sooner next time Smile

McCall’s 7099



#McCalls 7099

So I “jumped” on the jumpsuit bandwagon, LOL!  This is a giant leap outside of my comfort zone.  I’m pretty sure that the last time I wore jumpsuits was in Kindergarten, LOL. 


I didn’t get a decent back view shot, the dog kept needing attention. 

Thinking about making a jumpsuit?  Try this pattern!  It’s not difficult…at all.  The inseam pockets are great.  I cut my usual size 12, made no adjustments.  The fabric is some sort of poly jersey from Joann, and it’s hot and it doesn’t breathe.  When I attached the neck band, I started at the center back and sewed down each side while stretching it slightly.  This made the band about 3/4” longer at the bottom front which I later cut off.  It’s keeping closed pretty well, even without the bust snap (I’ve not sewn it in yet).  I’m pondering a different waistband treatment.  Instructions call for a simple elastic casing, but I’m thinking maybe a drawstring of some sort for the next piece.  Try this in a nice silk jersey, or maybe a rayon blend.  If you use a woven, make sure you widen the pants at the bottom so you can pull these over your foot.  They’re quite narrow, as you can see.  Feeling the disco vibe!

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

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