A box of dye….

Hey everyone!  How are you all doing on your RTW fast???  We’re almost at the halfway point!  I confess that I haven’t been good.  Twice a year, I host a CAbi party, and I succumb to temptation!  I bought several pieces back at the Spring show (half-price, of course), and I’ll probably host another party in the Fall.  BUT! other than that, nada.  Recently, I was going through my closet and came across this great CAbi dress that I bought years ago, $10 on Ebay:


Ya’ll know I’m a sucker for shirt dresses, and this one is really unique.  I really like the heavy cotton, great construction, and fit.  The only thing was that it wasn’t one of my go-to dresses from the closet.  I figured it was the color.  It was a an odd chartreuse, definitely not khaki.  I’ve never dyed anything before, so I thought I’d experiment for the first time with this dress.  I bought a box of navy blue Rit dye, read the instructions, and tried it:




I’d worn this all day, so it’s a bit wrinkled.  I was interested to see that the topstitching thread didn’t take the dye.  I think it added a neat effect.  I’m really happy with the results, the color especially. 

If you’ve never dealt with dyeing before, just realize it’s not a quick activity.  You have to be oh-so careful to not get the dye ANYWHERE.  I ended up doing the whole process outdoors, in a cardboard box lined with a trash bag.  Plus, I wore thick plastic gloves to handle it all.  Some of the internet articles I read said you could just do the whole thing in your washing machine.  I wasn’t willing to risk that.

How’s your RTW fast going?

  1. Nothing like a box of dye and a tired garment and I love your transformation from green to blue!
    I have a box waiting to go at the moment 🙂

  2. Amazing! You have a new dress! I’ve not tried dying anything… yet. 🙂

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