Vogue 8747


Yes!  It’s finished!  I had to take apart and cut a new collar stand, but I’m glad I did.  This is Vogue 8747, I’ve been wanting to try this one for a while.  I’ve never sewed up something with adjustable cup sizes before, and I picked the C-cup pattern, and sewed up the size 12.  If I had followed the directions, based on my measurements (between full and upper bust), I should have chosen the A-cup.  I didn’t do that, though and here’s why:  depending on the type garment, I always feel “just on the verge” of needing to do an FBA with Big 4 patterns.  Maybe I just like a looser fit, maybe I’m broad shouldered, or maybe I slouch too much, I don’t know.  I think in the end, though, sometimes I feel like I need the extra bust room, so for this top that’s classified as “fitted”, more room is better, regardless of those instructions. 


I can see why this is a “Best of 2012” pattern on Pattern Review.  The directions, if you need to use them, are straightforward.  My first collar attempt for this one wasn’t successful, but that wasn’t the fault of the instructions, just me.  I was surprised at how nicely the sleeves set in; usually, there’s some crazy easing going on with those sleeve caps, I’m usually taking out a good bit, but not this time.


For the second go-around with the collar stand, I just used a quilting cotton from my stash for the under layer.  I think the two layers of denim were really bulky, and causing a lot of my problems.  I topstitched all the seams with jeans thread.  Instructions for the sleeve placket were nicely done, as were those for the cuffs.  You can definitely work on your shirt tailoring skills with this pattern.


I do have one dislike (and other reviewers have said similar), and that’s the fit below the waist.  I cut size 12, but had to let all seams out as far as I could below the waistline.  I also added 2 inches of length to the body.  Here it is on me:




See what I mean by the cup sizes?  I think the choice in C-cup I made was spot on.  So, if you’re thinking of making this pattern, take that into consideration when reading the directions.  I would suggest going by your bra cup size, and disregard the pattern instructions.  Better yet, make a muslin.  Next time, I’ll grade out to a 14 below the waistline.  Aren’t these leather jeans a hoot?  They’re “vintage” Gap, and I paid a whopping $7 for them at our church rummage sale.  They’re lined and real leather, so they’re hot as blazes, and I can’t wear them but on the  absolute coldest of days here in the southeast, which isn’t much, but they’re fun! 

  1. Oh, I love your new shirt! I really liked this pattern, too! And your leather jeans are smokin’ hawt!

  2. You certainly made the right decision to redo the collar stand…… so glad you didn’t follow my advice!
    What a great top and well worth the extra effort! Job well done! 🙂

  3. Lovely- I’m awed by your use of a solid material- no place to hide any flaws- this looks great!

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