Vogue 8259


Have you ever had an “extended UFO” in your project pile? LOL!  I hope it’s not just me.  Let’s just say you can read about the beginnings of this project here and also here.  Yep, I started this like gangbusters wayyyyy back in 2008.  I pulled this out of a UFO box, and swore I’d finish it.  I had so little left to do on it; it was almost finished.  It just involved a whole lot of hand sewing.


I remember now why I had stopped on it.  I couldn’t decide on what trim to use, and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to add the collar.  I tested a few trims, wasn’t happy with any of them, but settled on this fringe and cord combination:


You can see that the fringe came from a piece of the original fabric selvage that I unraveled.  Then, I added that cording over it.  Unfortunately, the trim was too thick to add to the sleeves, or center front.  I just added the cording only to the collar and decided to be done:






Feel free to “oooooh” and “ahhhhhh” at the perfectly matched hound’s-tooth pattern, LOL!  I also couldn’t decide on buttons.  I wanted gold sparkly ones, but nothing worked.  I went back again to Joanne’s and found these solid black ones with a shiny surface and texture.



My intent was to make a Chanel-style jacket, so the lining is hand-quilted to the outer fabric.


There’s also a chain at the bottom hem.  All of the finishing was by hand.  I did machine buttonholes.


Even though I only had a “few things” to finish on this jacket, it took almost two weeks to get it done.  That’s how slow I am.  I’m just glad it’s done and in my closet!  If you’re thinking about tackling a sewing project like this, I highly recommend Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire Shaffer.  It is, hands down, my go-to book for all high-end sewing.  I had used my first edition copy so much that the binding cracked and split.  I now also own the second edition. 

Up next?  hmmm…I have Vogue 8847 and some cute jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics out to sew up next.  But, after wasting spending a few hours on Pinterest, I’m inspired to try my hand at a denim button-down.  What to do?

245094404692357862_PnRkyFQH_b     37365871880249775_8bBGuQxT_c     16114511137984029_kU66N35y_b

How did we ever dress ourselves before Pinterest???  HAHA!!

  1. Lol…I have several projects ‘marinating’…yours turned out beautifully! Some creations definitely improve with a bit of time… And yes, I oohed and ahhed over that houndstooth matching….and the trims…and the hand quilting! I love that book too…it was my first sewing library purchase and my most used reference.

  2. Wow. You hand-quilted the lining? Amazing amount of work! And I love your choice of trims. What a fabulous jacket!

    • Thank you so much!! Yes, hand quilted…I had to because machine quilting showed on the outside. I had to carefully make sure the black thread only came out on the black portion of the checks. This fabric was a lose-weave houndstooth wool, not a boucle (I wish!!).

    • Danielle
    • February 19th, 2014

    I am looking for Vogue V8259, does anyone have any for sale please?

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