Vogue 2064

And now, for something easy:


Vogue 2064

This is an oldie but goodie, and thank goodness for Pattern Review for help on this one.  If you’re unaware of this pattern,it’s a close-fitting wrap top, a DKNY Vogue pattern.  Many have made this and have offered up great suggestions for sewing up this pattern.  The best recommendation is for the top neckline:



Rather than making a neckline casing, I sewed clear elastic to the edge.  I then turned under the edge and topstitched.

Also, based on other recommendations:


I reinforced the tie side opening with some fusible interfacing and then topstitched around the opening



I eliminated the darts called-for in the back pattern.  This knit didn’t need darts.



I made sure to sew extra reinforcement into the tab-drape closure because this is the ONLY thing holding this top together!  I sewed in two hook-and-eye fasteners.

I sewed them in EXTRA WELL because this IS the only thing holding this top closed!


The fabric is some mystery 4-way stretch bought years ago from the fabric.com warehouse sale (wow, how long has it been since there’s been one of those?).  I would have done View A with two sleeves, but I didn’t have enough fabric.  I slipstitched the hem of the front drape, just to make it more “drapey”



I’m not sure that it made that much difference.  The rest of the hem was fused with steam-a-seam and then topstitched:




Construction is straightforward and easy, don’t let all the draping and twisty details scare you.  This is easy to make and the style is still relevant. 



IMG_4575                      IMG_4581

This one-shoulder look is, like, BIG TIME out of my comfort zone, but I think I’ll wear this out tomorrow night with the girls.  They’re taking me out for my birthday (Yeah, I’m 46!). 



If you’re worried about gaposis, this thing is really snug, thanks to the elastic neckline.  No worries there.  Look, I’m leaning WAY over, squeezing “things” together, and nothing!  This top stays put.

I’m definitely making View A as well; I might even try the pants!

  1. I really like this pattern, too. I’ve made up View A, since I’m a bit shy of a one-shouldered garment (mostly because I’ve not ever worn one). You look fantastic in this, and I hope you have a really great time celebrating your birthday!

    • Thank you! I’m in the same boat, I’ve never worn one-shouldered tops before. It’s out there for me.

  2. What a great birthday celebration top! A very edgy look (in a good way!).

    • Ann
    • November 14th, 2012

    You look stunning in this! I have this pattern in my collection. I’m glad that you reminded me of it. Enjoy your birthday!

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