Vogue 1313

Are you late to the exposed zipper trend?  Wanna jump into color blocking?  Then, Vogue 1313 is for you!

IMG_4535 (2)



Back View



This is a loose-fitting sheath dress, partially lined, with side-front pockets.  I decided to copy the pattern strictly, including the quilted shapes on the shoulders and the exact fabric colors (black and white) shown on the pattern envelope.


The side-front pockets are a great touch.

Here’s how I did those quilted ovals on the shoulders (Sorry for the crappy phone pictures):

I should point out that the shoulder pattern and the guide for the quilted ovals are two separate pieces


The actual shoulder pattern piece (on the right) doesn’t have the ovals on the pattern.  It only has the squares where you line up the ovals (separate pattern).  I traced the shoulder pattern, then I traced the ovals onto my pattern.


The gridded cutting board was handy to have so that I could make sure all my ovals lined up straight. 

I traced the shoulder pattern with ovals onto something transparent that can be sewn through.  Here, I used heavy duty water soluble stabilizer.  Once I traced the ovals onto the stabilizer, I then placed it on top of my fabric and backed it with Warm-And-Natural cotton quilt batting.  Then, I quilted the ovals onto the pattern pieces:


Note that I didn’t actually cut out the pattern pieces yet.  I cut them out after quilting. 

Ok, yes, the quilted ovals are fiddly and fussy.  Plus, the black quilting on black fabric doesn’t stand out.  I like how it turned out, though.

Remaining construction is very straightforward and simple.  I cut my usual size 12 with no alterations.  I used a black ponte knit from Gail K Fabrics in Atlanta.  The white doubleknit is from Gorgeous Fabrics.  The only things I did differently from the pattern had to do with the zipper.  The pattern calls for a 22-inch separating zipper, which I didn’t have.  I just used a longer zipper and sewed the bottom of it into the seam.  Also, I didn’t insert it the same way.  I made it totally exposed, with the entire tape being sewn to the outside.  It works, however.

This is my first experience with color blocking, as well as exposed zippers.  It took me some time to finally get it finished, but I think the details are worth the extra time.




    • goodbyevalentino
    • November 12th, 2012

    You look fab! The dress looks very chic and I must learn how to insert an exposed zipper!!! Thank you for this post 🙂

  1. That looks fantastic! Great details make a simple dress a special dress! Thanks for the ‘how to’ re: quilting the shoulders!

  2. Wow! That is a slinky mod marvel! Once more a sewist makes a pattern I hadnt noticed dance and sing for me- nocely done!!

  3. This is fabulous! Love to see something made up as per the picture. What a great dress. You’ll get lots of wear out of it, I think!

  4. Fabulicious. This is a great style and your detailing is so wonderful to admire.

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