Simplicity 2294

I haven’t been this undecided about a pattern in quite some time.

sewing 075

sewing 079

I mean, look at it.  This is one of those supposed “no-no” patterns that you can look at and predict it’ll be a dud:  there’s no collar stand, and the sleeve hems are just turned up and hemmed (no cuff, no placket).  These two details alone will surely send anything on their way to looking  ‘Becky Home-ecky”.  To make matters worse, I made this out of some nasty poly gabardine.  This is your very basic shirt dress; it has a pleat at the center front just below the placket.  And that’s it.  Nothing else.  The whole time I was making this up, I was thinking gag. 

But then, amazingly, my dd put it on:

sewing 071

sewing 069

sewing 070

Clearly this is a dress (or tunic, or shirt) that is meant to be accessorized.  I don’t know what it is about this no-shape, awful polyester, becky home-ecky, thing, but she (and I) have gotten more compliments on this dress than ANYTHING else I’ve ever made her.  Why?  Is it the color (she does wear the jewel tones well)? Is it the simplicity of the cut?  Perhaps it’s the el-cheapo Target accessories?  I don’t know.  Regardless of my feelings about this pattern, she loves this dress, which is saying something.  So, will I make this again?  I don’t know.  Maybe I should learn how to draft a collar stand for this pattern.  That would help.  I could probably make some sort of different cuff treatment, but that’s just me being a.n.a.l.

The only thing I did differently for this pattern was to add snaps instead of buttons at the front. 

sewing 076

I thought it might give it more of an of edgy urban flavor.  But, what do I know?  Seriously, I haven’t scratched my head over a pattern like this in a long time.  I’m sure it’s just a taste of things to come, sewing for a tween, who also has some figure flaws.  I’m determined to rise to the challenge, so, yes, I’ll make this again for dd, perhaps in an interesting plaid.  As for me, I’m close to finishing a shirt dress of my own.  It’s a Burda pattern.  Perhaps I’ll finish it this week.

  1. I see what you mean about the design, but it looks pretty good on your daughter. Is this one of those styles that just needs to be on a body to look good? Perhaps it is everyone’s favourite colour? It is certainly one of mine!

  2. I really like that dress on your daughter! I totally see what you mean from the first 2 pics, though. But isn’t that what makes a classic dress sometimes: lack of detail, simple finishes and you can wear it with anything and anywhere.

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