Self-Stitched September Wrap-up

Well, I didn’t make it through the month, only up until the 20th.  I had traveled during that time, and needed to pack light (that was my excuse at the time anyway).  Anyway, FWIW, here are the final garments in no particular order:

Day 11

Vogue1027 002

Vogue 1027


Day 12

selfstitchedseptember 014

The first “repeat” outfit of the month, Jalie 2806, Old Navy Khakis


Day 13
selfstitchedseptember 023

Jalie 2908, BCBG top


Day 14

Jalie 2566, Old Navy Jeans purchased from ebay, belt TJMaxx.


Day 15
selfstitchedseptember 017

Tunic Simplicity 4149, capris Talbots


Day 16
selfstitchedseptember 022

Jalie 2806, city shorts Costco


Day 17
selfstitchedseptember 019

My newest dress, Vogue 1120


Day 18

bwof 029

BWOF 4-09-101A, tank top JJill


Day 19
bwof 036

BWOF 5-09-114


Day 20
sewing 002

Vogue 1159

Those of you out there who are better wordsmiths than me can most certainly put into words my thoughts and feelings on this whole experience.  I have to say, it was definitely interesting and insightful.  It wasn’t surprising that this was challenging, because for 20 days, I didn’t simply throw something on to wear for  the day without thinking about it.  Having to take pictures of my outfits every day was even more of a pain, but, of course that wasn’t the purpose of this exercise. 


I’ve typically followed the philosophy that if I can buy an article of clothing for $10 or less, it’s not worth the time and effort to sew same said article.  I save the sewing time and energy for “special” garments, i.e., formals, costumes, dresses, etc.  While those are beautiful, they aren’t the things one wears everyday.  Incidentally, my stash reflects this philosophy for the most part; I have a lot of silks, brocades, taffetas, etc.  During the month, then, I found myself dressing up a tad more than I would normally do, not a bad thing!!  It was hard, though, to not pull out the simple $7 Old Navy tee shirt to go with my $2 Old Navy jeans.  Another result of this experience was a massive wardrobe culling.  I got rid of a bunch of clothes, both sewn and purchased, that I never wear anymore.

So, in a nutshell, that was my experience, my 20 days of Self-Stitched September.  It was a fun “almost” month (except for all those da#m pictures)!

  1. I just discovered your SSS posts via your latest review on PR. I’m totally with you on the “economy” of sewing. I’ve always saved my time and effort and $$$ for those precariously out-of-reach expensive garments that I’d like to own. BTW, I love your DK dresses. She’s my latest favourite!

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