The Pyramid Bag

I reaaallly wanted to love this bag more….But I don’t….or do I?  I’m not sure….

HotPattern Bag 003

One thing is for certain….it’s BIG.

HotPattern Bag 001

HotPattern Bag 002 

It’s different (VERY different)

HotPattern Bag 005

This is how it hangs,

HotPattern Bag 006

…and this is how it opens.  Kinda like a duffle bag, or a hammock.

The Pattern is the Handbag Heaven Classix Nouveau Pyramid Bag from  Hot Patterns.  The fabric is a faux suede fused with woven interfacing from my stash and the lining is/are Amy Butler cottons, also from stash.  There are lots of great details:

HotPattern Bag 004

Two pockets with bellows sides and lined flaps.  The pattern called for hook-and-loop closure, but I think magnetic snaps might be better looking.

HotPattern Bag 007

Two sets of nice inside pockets, one of them is a pleated pocket for your cell phone.

The pattern calls for optional purse feet (which I didn’t use) and an optional stiff bottom inset (which I did).  I did the straps differently because I was using stiff woven fabric:

HotPattern Bag 009

I stay-stitched the inner corners and clipped to the corner.

HotPattern Bag 010

Then, I sewed the straps and only the outer edge of the two pieces together.  After I turned the straps out (thank goodness for my Fas-turn), I turned the entire piece right sides out and then topstitched to the bag.  I held down the middle section and topstitched that as well.  Another different thing I did was to add a “thingy” to the zipper end (I don’t know what it’s called):

HotPattern Bag 008

I had a 28-inch zipper and the pattern called for a 26-inch, so I had some overage at the non-working end.  This means that I can’t separate the bag anymore, because I’ve sewed over the separating part.  But, I’m not sure that matters.  I’ll have to actually use it to know one way or another.  I topstitched around the entire top edge of the bag.  The pattern pieces are interesting; the shape of the big pieces reminded me of a sting ray, sort of a rhombus-type shape.  I had no problems with the instructions.  That’s not to say that the entire construction process wasn’t confusing.  But, keep going, don’t try to read ahead, trust the instructions, and you’ll have a great bag at the end.

Soooooo, if you like the slouchy look to your purses, you’d like this!  Me? Meh…at this point, I’m more happy to have the fabric destashed than I like the bag.  I could see this being used in an urban setting, when you need a big almost duffle-sized bag to carry all your things to work and back.  This could also be a good carry-on bag for traveling.  Certainly, I’ll give it a use and see if I like it.  If nothing else, it will make the perfect knitting bag!

    • Liana
    • March 26th, 2010

    I like your bag, but I admit, it is REALLY big. I’ve had one or two with that style of opening, and it’s not really a success, IMO. To get into it, you run the risk of everything falling out. Maybe that’s why they made this so very deep. It’s really stylish, though, and I think it would be great for a weekender or a knitting bag.

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