BWOF 08-2009-132

Garment #4:  The Puffy Shirt

contest 072

I made a bunch of serious mistakes in this shirt, but I kept going thinking that they wouldn’t be glaringly visible.  Plus, I’m hoping this shirt will grow on me; this one’s definitely out of my comfort zone.  Interestingly, if you’re a fan of CAbi Clothes, there is a shirt almost exactly like this one in the Fall ‘09 Catalogue (I can’t figure out how to link the shirt).  About the only differences I can tell are the sleeves are more fitted and it’s made out of a charmeuse type material.  Incidentally, this shirt would be LOVELY in a thin satin, I think!


contest 073

The biggest mistake I made with this shirt began with the confusing center front pattern piece:

contest 071

Now, I know, this was a multi-purpose pattern piece, meant for other shirts in the magazine, so there are lots of numbers and markings not meant for this shirt.  I’ve figured that one out.  But look.  There’s a CF marking, an unlabeled line, a facing fold line, and a generic “fold” line.  Where do I fold? And, why would I fold this all up when I have a separate center front band piece? UGH! *rescue me, big 4, spoon feed me my directions!  My brain is too addled to figure this out!!*  AHEM!!  Okay, so here’s what I THINK you’re supposed to do.  Add a seam allowance to the furthest line to the left (I labeled it after I figured this out) and cut there.  Basically, you will attach the flounce to the now labeled line.   Interface the CF band and proceed as instructed.    I attached the flounce to the CF line, which was a mistake.  This threw off the collar stand, the collar, and just try easing an extra inch of neck in to that collar stand!  Again, UGH!  Okay, so now you can learn from my mistake.

  Apart from the wonky neck and puckery shoulder line, the rest of the construction went okay.  I did my usual 3-times-and-screw-it when setting in the sleeves (do all BWOF sleeves have this much ease in their patterns?).

The flounce on front turned out nicely, and hopefully, it will cover up all my mistakes:

contest 075

I finished the edges with the roll-hem function on my serger.  The ruching is a nice and stylish touch:

contest 074 

This is 7 rows of a simple straight stitch.  I used elastic thread that I hand wound in the bobbin.  Here’s a shot of it on me (please excuse the colored undergarments).  It’s a whole lotta look!

contest 076

contest 079 

Okay, I think I’m going to like this.  If nothing else, it’ll make a great layering piece.  If you make this go with a thin drape-y fabric.  I used a thin cotton/Lycra blend.  Please forgive the Puffy Shirt comment, the Seinfeld re-runs are on here at least twice a day!!

    • Unknown
    • October 12th, 2009

    Exquisite. Love every detail.

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