Two Product Reviews and My Favorite New Toy

Every once in a while I’ll come across little make up gems that are so cool, that I just have to brag about how cool they are.  The first cool item for today is Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens.  They are felt tip pens with liquid nail polish inside.  There’s also a little “shakey ball” in the pen, just like a paint pen.  I found these at Wal-mart, and I bought 2 colors: White and Hot Pink.  They come in 8 colors.

blog post 002 

If you’re a freehand nail artist, these would be so awesome to have.  As for me, I can barely draw stick figures and dots, so this is what I did on my toes.  First, this is an indoor shot of this great duochrome color, by Sherer Chameleon Blue Sky:

blog post 009 

A lovely color on its own, with purples, blues, and greens.  Now, here’s an outdoor shot of the same polish, with my so called artwork:

blog post 001

A simple 5-dot flower done in white with hot pink in the middle for one of the flowers and a crystal sticker in the second.  Okay, so I need a little lot of practice to get this perfect, but you get the idea.  Incidentally, it’s been 3 days after placing the crystal on, followed by a clear topcoat, and they’re still on!  And, I’m hell on manis/pedis, so that’s saying something!

Okay, next, my new favorite toy:    The Konad Stamping Nail Art System.  I’ve been seeing these all over various nail blogs, people that make this great and complicated looking art on their nails.  I thought it would be far beyond my capabilities to attempt to stamp my nails with art and make it look good (you know, like the above  flower toe picture! LOL).  I finally took advantage of a sale going on at Gassun Limited and ordered a starter kit:

nails 011

Two stamping plates, 3 tiny bottles of special nail polish, scraper, and stamp.

Last night, I read the directions and thought I try it out on my 4-day-old mani:

nails 014

This turned out better than I would have expected, and so easy!

nails 013

nails 012

This was a starter kit, so all of the images are as simple as these flowers.  BTW, this polish is Essie Shelter Island,  one of the hot colors for Spring/Summer.  I must say that I probably got as many comments as compliments on this color, *snark*.  It’s definitely bright!  It took 3 coats for full coverage, but it lasted a long time with a topcoat.  I actually am working on a dress also:  BWOF 4/2009 dress 114.  It’s coming along great, very cute!  I might finish it before the end of the week, but I doubt it.  Have a great week!

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