My First BWOF Garment

BWOF 011
Okay, so this is do-able, with all the tracing and bad instructions.  If you’ve never attempted a BWOF pattern, don’t panic, have fun, and start with something easy.  This is jacket 103A from 9/2008.  And, no, it looks nothing like the picture.  I was going for the cropped jacket look, tied at the waist, in black.  The pattern called for a jersey and I couldn’t find one that I liked.  I used a yucky moleskin from Joanne’s that shifted, wouldn’t press, stretched, and other bad things, so I didn’t want to handle it too much.  No zippers and no belt carriers.  The only tricky part was the notched collar.  The front neck has a turned corner that needs to be reinforced and clipped.  I did my own thing and since I was in a hurry, I forgot to interface the collar.  Everything else comes together well.  I wanted a wrap-around look with no closures.  The back is just 2 pieces, with a center back seam:
BWOF 004
Front view:
BWOF 002
According to my measurements, I traced and cut a size 40, but if you want a closer cut like the magazine model, go one or two sizes smaller.
Here I am, playing with some different looks:
BWOF 005
I dunno…too Robin Hood?
Here it is with a black shirt underneath:
BWOF 007
Dressed up a bit:
BWOF 009
Hmm…it might be fine with nothing under:
BWOF 010
My goal for this garment was to have a layer, some sort of shawl alternative.  It’s very comfortable, and I definitely don’t have anything like this in my closet.  I think it’ll grow on me.  It’s blousy and yet ties at the waist without being too "bunchy".  I also think this would be really cute made up in a sweater knit.  Sorry for the lousy pictures, you know how bad black is to photograph.  Okay, so these patterns can be done my me…think I’m ready for this coatOpen-mouthed Mine will be plaid, lined and cut a bit smaller so it’s not too boxy.  That one will require a muslin, dang it.
    • Shannon
    • September 22nd, 2008

    I was looking at this jacket too – now that I see your version, I like it all the better!  What a great layering piece.  BTW, I think it looks great with the white turtleneck underneath – my first impression was certainly not Robin Hood!

    • Unknown
    • September 26th, 2008

    Love this jacket.  It looks great on you, and I like all of your potential outfits photographed.

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