Simplicity 3533

Simp3533 009
Pattern Description: Simplicity 3533 easy-to-sew wardrobe.  Pattern consists of dress or top, jacket in two lengths, shrug, belt and bag.
Likes/dislikes: I really like this pattern!  I bought this pattern at a 99 cent sale, thinking I could use the shrug pattern to make some destash items.  I instead opted to use my leftover stretch velvet to make the short version of the jacket.  I lined it with some heavy coat lining satin.  The ribbon (also from my stash) is used as a drawstring around the top.
Pattern Alterations/design changes:  I went a different way from the pattern instructions.  The pattern has you cutting out lining for front and backs only, no sleeves.  Well, I rarely line just the body of a garment without including the sleeves, so I knew this would be a "head scratcher."  The other big "huh?" was the requirement of double-fold bias tape stitched all around the neck edge, then folding the edge in to form the casing.  I thought this extra bias tape and casing would add too much bulk at an edge that’s going to be gathered.  I formed a self casing by sewing right sides together at the neck edge, turning and topstitching 3/4" away from the edge.  When I sewed the lining to the garment, I began by sewing the sleeves to sleeve linings first (lots of turning, twisting, and thinking required-Don’t attempt this when you’re tired), then sewing the outer edges together.  One of the pattern pieces required was neck stay.  The instructions have you cutting this piece on the bias and inserting it permanently into the neck casing for a gathered look.  I decided I kinda liked the option of using a drawstring at the neck.  Here’s what it looks like when the gathers are let out:
Simp3533 005
I like how you can drape this loosely off the shoulders, if desired, for a shawl effect.  I turned this casing into a drawstring by putting black satin ribbon through the casing at the neck and leaving openings at the top front.  Oh yes, the pattern is designed for a button and loop closure at the top…cute, but I didn’t want a button.  Next come the sleeves; the short sleeve option is designed for a gathered sleeve, a look I stopped wearing when I turned 9.  With an open mind, though, I pinned elastic into one sleeve and left one ungathered.  Which looks better?  Here it is with sleeve gathered:
Simp3533 001 
The other sleeve is ungathered:
Simp3533 003
I don’t think the gathered sleeves are flattering on me, but I’ll think about it.
Would you sew it again? I’m really pleased with how this turned out!  I’m encouraged to try the other garments in this wardrobe pattern.  One final thought:  This stretch velvet jacket was lined with non stretch satin.  These two fabrics are equally temperamental to work with by themselves, but when sewing them together, the seam allowances slip all over the place.  Keep your vocabulary G-rated while sewing something like this and hand baste your seams.  I’m loving this jacket!
Simp3533 004
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