Simplicity 4084

This was a big task and it’s finally complete.  I’m really pleased with my new trench, made with rainwear cotton twill.  Here’s the lowdown:
Pattern Description:  Threads Magazine pattern, a trench-type coat with 4 different views; I chose view A, with the wide collar, flaps and piping.  This coat is also lined and contains small shoulder pads. 
Pattern Sizing:  6-14, I made size 10.  I used self-piping made with the smallest weight upholstery piping in the home dec section.  This was still a bit big, IMO.  Here is a close-up:
simp4084-5 001
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes!
Were the instructions easy to follow?  There were a ton of instructions, everything very well written and detailed right up until the end, where it’s finally time to make the belt.  The instructions are wrong, but if you’ve made it this far, you are a sewing expert and can tell right away what to do to fix it.  The instructions have you folding the belt in half lengthwise and sewing a tube, but immediately one can see that this is way too skinny of a belt; easy to fix.  I was also happy to see included in the instructions steps for adding sleeve heads. 
What did you particularly like  or dislike about the pattern?  This pattern had about a gazillion piecies (yes, a gazillion), all needing to be interfaced, lined, piped, or all of the above.  Also, the sleeves were difficult to ease without puckering.  I didn’t take the time to measure the amount of sleeve ease in the pattern, but I’m making a note to myself to measure it the next time I make this.  It may have just been a function of the tightly woven fabric (of course, it’s not the sew-ist!).
Fabric Used:  Rainwear Cotton Twill from Denver Fabrics, and it’s veerry pink
Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:  Oddly enough, I made no pattern alterations for fit…very unusual for me, very risky.  I didn’t even shorten the sleeves or hem, so if you’re taller, take that into account.  The other deviations I made were  in the piping of the flaps.  I thought that would be too bulky for a flap and I left the piping of these pieces out.  Also, the instructions have you sewing the front flap buttons through all thicknesses, but this created unwanted wrinkles and puckers, so I sewed the buttons through the flap thickness only.  And finally, I interfaced only the facing, not the front (instructions have you interfacing both).  Here’s a back view:
Would you sew it again? Yes, but not anytime soon!  Sheesh, this was a job!  I would definately recommend this pattern to others.  This is a close-fitting coat, so it would be very tight if bulky sweaters were worn underneath.  Consider a different pattern if you wanted a looser fit.

Conclusion:  when I first got this fabric in the mail, I thought "oh no, too much Pepto Bismol!" But, it grew on me and I really like it.  Against my better judgement, I pre-washed and dried it.  The pictures show that it wrinkles a bunch, so ironing is a must.  One final useless thought:  Most recent fashion pictures of belted garments I’ve seen, (including this pattern envelope) show buckles that aren’t being utilized.  They dangle uselessly at the end of a belt, while the belt is tied to the waist bathrobe style.  What’s up with that? These are the things that keep me up at night…Nerd  
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