Simplicity 9825

 Simplicity9825 001
I had gotten this skunky fabric at Jo-Ann’s, some sort of polyester "suiting," to use in a collar on another project.  I had enough left over and I thought "hey, I’ll try this quick skirt and see how it goes".  That never goes well, does it?   I should have treated it as the wearable muslin that it was and thrown it out.  But I’m always up for a challenge and kept going with it.  This fabric is garbage. Every time I messed with a seam, the stuff practically disintegrated it was so ravelly.  It also shines brightly with every new iron mark you make (see the last pic below). YUK!  I ended up lining it just to try to wear it a few times before it falls apart.  On to the pattern:
Pattern Description: 
Six skirts in one pattern.  Waistband is a yoke, skirt is 4 panels, zips up in the back.
Were the instructions easy to follow?
I had some trouble with the fit and the fabric I was using, so, for the most part, I didn’t use the directions.
What did you particularly like  or dislike about the pattern?
This should have been real easy to whip up, but when one goes into a project with those expectations, look out.  First thing, I cut out a size 10 and it was waaay too tight.  I had to resize all seams and this fit better.  For some reason, this is not a good look for me.  Remember Mom Jeans? well, this is a Mom Skirt, hitting too high on the waist and thus emphasizing all manner of tummy and hip fluff.
Simplicity9825 004
Fabric Used:
Ravelly poly suiting from Jo-Anns (yuk).
Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:
The fabric was so ravelly, that I made a lining and attached it to the yoke facing.  Also the instructions have you putting in a lapped zip in the back, I just put in a centered zip.
Would you sew it again? 
Not before I had a real sit-down with this pattern and worked out some serious fitting issues with a muslin.
I’ll have to go through a few weeks of hard dieting and exercise before I can feel comfortable in this skirt.  If you like the form-fitting clothes, then this is a great one for you to try.  It’s ideal for skins or pleather.  Test your fit!
Simplicity9825 003
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