Happy February!  Not a lot of sewing going on here, but more knitting.  This is a quick sweater that I started in January.  This is an older pattern called Naragansett, quick and easy.  I used (of course) another of my Madelinetosh yarns from stash called pashmina worsted in a color called Steam Age.


This is knitted from the top down and includes a cute little detail pattern at the raglan seams.


BRRR!! Stay warm, everyone!

Butterick 5826


Butterick 5826

I’ve been on the hunt for a good “popover blouse”, a little more dressy than a tee shirt, but something I can wear with jeans.  J Crew has some pretty ones made from Liberty fabric; hey, I have a great piece of Liberty print that would look great made up in a blouse!



This is the first iteration, made up in a beefy linen from my stash, a la wearable muslin.  Boy, do I like this shirt!  The only complicated part was the plaquet.   I always use David Coffin’s instructions from his shirt making book when making these.


I’m always working to improve the fit of Big 4 patterns on me, specifically my upper bust/shoulder area.  For this shirt, I did a 1/4” forward shoulder adjustment, using size 10.  My usual size is 12, but this was a very loose-fitting pattern, so I went down a size.  I’ll need a few more tweaks for the next shirt, but the fit here is close to perfect!


I drew a high-low shirt hem, instead of the straight across hem from the pattern.  I also turned back a wide hem on the sleeves, making them 3/4 length.

I’ve got another pattern that I’m wanting to test before I cut into my precious Liberty print.  It’s a Burda pattern, already traced and ready to be cut.  Stay tuned!


And, simply because I haven’t shared it yet, I finished a pullover sweater this past November that I also love.  The pattern is called Rolling Rock by Thea Coleman; the yarn is Madelinetosh Pashmina.

Have a great weekend!!

McCall’s 6991

McCall’s 6991






Yes, others have said it, and I’ll say it also:  Go down a size or two.  I used my usual size 12 with no alterations.  I do love everything about this top though.  It’s pretty easy to sew, and very trendy.  Just make sure you use a fabric with a LOT of drape.  This is a washed silk, almost too beefy.  I sewed all french seams, and used a single thickness on the back yoke.  Note that my sleeve hems are turned way up.  Yeah, this is a bit big, so I think I’ll go back and take up 1/2 inch on the side seams and sleeves.   I’m still loving these Leather Leggings.  I use the term loosely, because they’re not leather, nor are they leggings in the strict sense; more like slim pull-on pants.


ok, it’s a few days later, and I took in the side seams a bit plus re-hemmed the sleeves.  It fits a bit better now.  I really like this shirt, plus I have nothing this color in my closet!  Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2014!!

Boy oh boy, the days just fly, don’t they?  Yikes!  All of the sudden, three months go by and no posts!  Here it is, already 2015, but I think I’ll do a 2014 recap.  I’ll include the knits also, because I did both.

Top 5 hits:

1.  Scrap Quilt – I didn’t think I would use this much, much less like it, but I do!

2.  Lace top – I have nothing like this in my closet, and I’ve worn it several times.


3.  Vogue 1247– love it!


4.  Lapis Yoke Pullover 


5.  HotPatterns Jacket 



1.  Vogue 1381– UGH!!

2.  Vogue 8881  – fabric is a bit too flimsy, top is a bit too long, I’ve never worn it.


3.  Shellseeker – this sweater is too short, I haven’t worn it at all.

4.  Vogue 1236 – I’m still holding out hope that I’ll like this, but so far…meh…


I have another sweater and quilt that I didn’t even share…I’ve gotten so lazy.  Ok, so as a goal for this year, I’ll try and blog more….Happy New Year Everyone!!


Hi everyone!  School has been in session for two weeks here, and I’m so ready for Fall temperatures.  But, it’s still upper 90’s and gawdawful humid!  I can’t bring myself to pull out the wool fabric yet, but some layering pieces would be a nice addition to my closet. Recently, I tried out this pattern, the Wong-Singh-Jones Maharajah Jacket.


Hard to photograph white, I finally got a decent picture at night, indoors, no flash.


Ok, so you can’t see the details here, but you can see proportions and fit.



This is a semi-fitted jacket that has princess panel seams with bust darts, vertical welt pockets and empire seam.  It finishes at the high hip and has two-piece, 3/4 length sleeves.  It has a shaped neckband, topstitching, and a wrap-front with loops and buttons.

Pattern Sizing

The sizing of the pattern runs 6-26, all in one envelope.  The 3/8 inch seam allowances are included in the pattern, so it’s fairly easy to trace the pieces

Easy instructions? 

Not really, but the pattern is classified as Intermediate.  In this case, you need to be comfortable with sewing curved seams,setting in sleeves, and accurate top-stitching.

Fabric Used

I used a crinkle cotton from my stash that I block-fused with Pro Tailor Deluxe from Fashion Sewing Supply.  Seriously, best products ever!!  I also lined it.  Optional lining pieces are included in the pattern.


Pattern alterations

I made a whole heckofalot of alterations.  I’ve yet to figure out the whole HotPatterns fitting block.  According to my measurements, I’m somewhere between a 10 and 12.  Other reviews I had read said that the sleeves were on the small side, so just to be safe, I cut a size 12 from muslin. 



(let’s see if I can list them all…)


Can you figure them all out from the pictures here?  I shortened the armscye by pinching out a whole inch in the front, back, and sleeve cap.  Before that, I re-traced and re-cut the upper portion in a size 10, tapering to a 12 below the empire seam.  I also pinched out two inches in the upper back, tapering to nothing at the empire seam in the center back.  I shaved the sleeve caps an additional quarter-inch off the top, even after shortening them the first time (see above muslin pictures). 

If you want to make this one yourself, I highly recommend you make a muslin first.  I think the pattern instructions recommend it as well.  Also, you need to be comfortable with sewing those curved seams at the neck.  And, let’s just say that neither my curved seaming nor my topstitching are perfect:


This is going to bother me, I just know it.  I’ll probably remove the topstitching at some point.  The rows aren’t too bad, and the curved seam is barely acceptable.  But, put them together, and…GAH!


I like the welt pockets, easy to set in on the seam:


Dressy, and cool with an edge!  This is definitely something different!

Vogue 1236



Back view.

I was trying to think of a catchy title for this post, to more aptly describe this dress.  “The camera adds 10 pounds, and so does this dress!” or just simply “Ho Hum”.

I blame the fabric.


Back in 2011 when this pattern first came out, I bought this seersucker fabric specifically for this pattern.  Now, I’m thinking it looks too much like pajamas, definitely not like the  pattern picture.  I liked the idea of this fabric more than the actual result.  Hate it when that happens.

I’ll make this again,  it’s very easy.  The only fit alteration I made was to sew up the shoulder seams with an inch allowance (sewing up my usual size 12). 


“ho hum”

To construct this dress, I decided to stick with the pattern directions, and used the neck facing pattern pieces.




I don’t usually use pattern facing pieces but for this dress, I felt it would help to stabilize the narrow shoulder straps, as well as finish the arm holes nicely.  If you notice, the the front shoulders are almost completely on the bias, pulled in by the neck pleating.

The back facing is nice and big, making a nice back stay.  Recognize what I did with the hanging edge?  I sewed the interfacing to the lining at the unfinished edge, turned then fused the pieces together.  I love that technique!

The other thing I did was sew up some strips of selvage at the pocket opening.


As much as I love pockets in dresses, I’ll not add them on the next one.  There’s enough extra fabric at the hip area already.


UGH!  This fabric!  I don’t think it’s quite my color.  Or, perhaps it has too much of an 80’s vibe (in my high school, pinstripes were all the rage, even the jeans had pinstripes, ugh, but I digress).  Maybe It would look much better made up in a nice shirt!

Here’s what it looks like unbelted.


Paired with a cardigan, not too bad.  We’ll see if I change my mind on this after it sits for a while in my closet.

grumble grumble grumble……

Lapis Yoke Pullover


Lapis Yoke Pullover by Hannah Fettig

I think I’m going to LOVE this.  I mean REALLY love it!!

I tried this on briefly just to check fit and it’s not too tight, not too big, the sleeves are just the right size.   SCORE!!

That just makes me so darn happy!  Usually I have to rip back and alter my knitted things before they’re ready to wear.  Not this one, yay!

This will go great with jeans and sneakers, my winter uniform.

I started this pullover while ago; currently, I’m being very good and finishing up all my works-in-progress.  I’ve not bought any new fabric/yarn, in quite some time.  Another Yay!

I’ll model it at some point this Fall, right now it’s too stinking hot.

If you want to see more information about this sweater, you can find it on my projects page on

I hope everyone is having a great Summer, I know I have!  School starts back in a few weeks here, so we’re all gearing up for that..or, at least trying to.

Motivation is a problem…

Until later!!

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

In a few words, I am addicted to sewing! I want to try everything, learn everything and talk about it with you!

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